Renting an apartment is the student's own responsibility. We at the Faculty of Informatics do not deal with accommodation. We can not issue any kind of Accommodation Letter either. Nevertheless you can find some hints below.

ELTE Housing Office

Our University has established a Housing Office to aid the new incoming foreign studens in finding appropriate accommodation. If you register online on the form available from the page ELTE Housing Office, then they will contact you and help with the next steps.

Usually when applying for visa, if our Embassy finds your goal of visiting Hungary (namely to study at ELTE) acceptable, then they will also consider your accommodation justified.


We can also recommend some partner real estate agencies, with their help you can surely find a nice place:

You can find rooms between 200 and 300 EUR per person per month.

Of course there are also many other housing agents all around Budapest, you can search the internet and choose for yourself.