Application Material

The complete application package consists of:

  1. The Application Form, which you can download from this link: Application Form. Please fill it out electronically. (We only need this if for any reason you do not apply through our online system and we ask for your documents in email. In the online system, you will have to fill out another form.)
  2. Your Secondary School finishing documents and the results of the final two years. If you don't have a final document yet (because you're in your final year), you should send it later, as soon as possible, but please send your results of the previous semesters.
  3. Any documents about your Further Education (if applicable). E.g. computer courses, higher education, language exams etc.
  4. A Curriculum Vitae, listing your personal data, your educational background, and work experience (if you have), and mentioning whatever you find relevant.
  5. The main pages of your Passport. (It should be valid.)
  6. A passport Photo not older than 3 months.
  7. A Medical Certificate, which can be issued by the nearest hospital or doctor; it should state something like that you do not carry any contagious diseases and you are found physically and mentally fit for higher education abroad.
  8. A Motivation Letter describing your situation and objectives with applying to our University's course.

If a document is not in English (or Hungarian), we need both the original and an official English (or Hungarian) translation.

PDF or JPG format is preferred for scanned documents.

Please apply through our online application system during the application periods. You can find the link in the How to Apply? section.