Credit Transfer

If you have studied at another university, you might choose to ask for the acceptance of courses you completed there. You have to report your claim of credit transfer upon your registration for the upcoming semester (until the end of the registration period, see the semester schedule) at the course coordinator. Please note that you can only try to get accepted 120 credits at most.

Usually a course can be accepted if it has a similar credit number and mostly the same topics as our relevant course. We will need to see your transcript of records, and the descriptions of the courses that you would like to get accepted. These have to be official documents issued by your previous university, and if they are not in English, we need an official translation as well.

You have to fill out the following credit transfer form:

Here is an example of a correctly filled out form (the parts that the student filled out are emphasized with red):

If you cannot fill out something (because you don't have a Neptun code yet; or there were no course codes at your former university; etc.), then you can leave that part empty, but otherwise try to fill it out as precisely as you can. In the "Exam / Practical mark" column, write E if it was a lecture-type course with an exam at the end, P if it was a practical course with tests during the term season, and E+P if it was a combined course of the two. (These are the types of courses that we have here at our faculty.) If there was no such differentiation between courses at your university, just write E.

If there were no credit numbers at your former university, you can write the weekly hours instead. In the "Grade" column, you should write the grade that you received on a 5-grade scale. If you had a different grading system that you don't know how to convert to the 5-grade scale, please leave it empty.

Please fill out the form electronically, and keep the extension as doc (don't save it as pdf), so that we can make modifications if necessary. Make sure not to mess up the formatting. If you need more than 10 lines for your courses, then just start a new document.

Send every document to the course coordinator in email until the deadline. She will get in touch with you about the preliminary evaluation of your request, and if necessary, some modifications will be made. After that, the final document will be printed and signed by you, then your request will be examined by the faculty's Credit Transfer Committee, who will make the final decision. The whole process usually takes at least a few weeks, during which time you can already visit the classes that you want, and later we will handle the Neptun registration.