DreamSpark is an agreement between certain academic or research institutions (such as ELTE Faculty of Informatics) and Microsoft, to enable students (and teachers, researchers) the legal and free use of Microsoft products, such as Windows operating systems, the Visual Studio development environment and so on…

Read more on the homepage of our Faculty's DreamSpark agreement.

How to get a DreamSpark account?

In each semester, registered active students will receive an email to their inf.elte.hu address about the registration procedure, with guidelines for DreamSpark usage. Note that registration, and downloading products from the DreamSpark webstore is only possible with your inf.elte.hu account.

See the page University Accounts for the desription of the usage of the INF account, and the connected inf.elte.hu email address.

Unfortunately, DreamSpark has not been working for the past few semesters...