Entry Test

The Entry Test will decide whether an admitted student can start his/her BSc studies, or shall be redirected to our Preliminary Year. (See also the page about Pre & BSc.)

This test consists of three parts: English Language, Mathematics and Informatics.

In the English Language test, applicants should complete a written test of 100 questions, choosing the appropriate word or expression from 4 choices, within one hour. Questions start from very basic, like '___ is Budapest? In Hungary. (What / Who / Where / When)' and gradually works up to not being trivial, like handling variants of If-clauses etc. Of course we will have been spoken also a few words personally, which will also unveil your language skills. At least an intermediate knowledge of the language is required to start higher education basically in any area.

The test in Mathematics measures the applicants knowledge in relevant fields of secondary school mathematics, namely basic arithmetic, expressions, equations, inequalities with powers (e.g. quadratic), roots, logarithm, exponentials, trigonometric functions, and linear systems of equations. The form of this test varies year after year, being sometimes 'just' selecting correct answers, sometimes also giving detailed explanations. You may see a sample test from year 2010 below:

The Informatics test is rather just a short survey, a couple of friendly questions to gain some insight to your experiences with informatics, like: Have you studied informatics in high school? What software are you familiar with? Have you maybe already written some programs?