Entry Test

The Entry Test will decide whether an admitted student can start his/her BSc studies, or shall be redirected to our Preliminary Semester.

The Entry Test consists of three parts: an Algorithmic Thinking Test (60 minutes), a Mathematics Test (30 minutes), and an English Placement Test (40 minutes). All three tests contain multiple choice questions only.

If you fail either the Algorithmic Thinking Test or the Mathematics Test, you cannot start your Bachelor studies yet, but will be asked to take part in our Preliminary Semester first, where you will study courses designed to prepare you better for the BSc. If you can pass both of these tests and only fail on the English Placement Test, then you can start the BSc, but will be asked to register for the English classes offered by the Faculty.

The Algorithmic Thinking Test measures your algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills. You will have to solve some problems that do not require any prior knowledge, you only have to use common sense and logic to think of the solution.

The Mathematics Test is a short test designed to verify that you are in the possession of basic Mathematics knowledge. You will have to solve some very simple problems from high school level Mathematics topics: basic arithmetics, algebraic formulas, quadratic equations and inequalities, exponentials and logarithms, absolute value, trigonometry, etc. Anyone who graduated from high school should be able to answer these questions easily. If you want to freshen up your knowledge before the test, please look through your high school materials or find some resources online in the above mentioned topics.

The English Placement Test measures your English reading and grammar skills, to make sure that you have at least an intermediate level of English knowledge.

You may use a piece of paper and a pen on the test, but you cannot use any other help (such as the internet, a calculator, cell phone etc). No talking is allowed. Anyone caught cheating in any way will be failed on the test and will have no chance to re-write it.