Health Insurance

To legally stay in Hungary, you will need to have a valid Health Insurance. We at the Faculty of Informatics do not deal with Health Insurance, the student is responsible to arrange his/her own Health Insurance. It is not included in the Tuition Fee (or other Fees our Faculty charges).

Nevertheless we can give the following hints to aid your arrangements.

Through ELTE

Our University offers a cheap and plain Health Insurance to our students. See details on this page. You can buy it semester by semester or year by year. It costs about 100 EUR per semester. You can go personally to the Quaestura Office to take your insurance, or to inquire about further details. (You can only get this a few weeks after the Registration because of the slow enrollment procedure, and the officers at Quaestura should also see on their computer system that you are a registered student.)

Through OEP

OEP is the National Health Insurance Fund Administration ("Országos Egészségügyi Pénztár"). You can find their office at 1139 Budapest, Teve u. 1., they can surely help you with the Health Insurance of your choice and preferences. See the OEP homepage.


You can find many different Health Insurance services offered by several companies (banks, service providers etc.). The choice is yours.