How to Apply?

You can apply online here:

You will have to fill out your data and upload the documents that you can find under the Application Material section.

Application for the next academic year (starting in September) is usually possible during March and April. We do not start a main BSc course in February, but it is possible to join our Preliminary Year. Application for the second semester of the Preliminary Year usually takes place in October. For the exact dates and deadlines please visit the online application system linked above.

Changing Universities for Self-Financing Students

If you would like to transfer to our university as a self-financing student, then please use the above application system in the application periods to apply. If you get admitted, you will be able to apply for credit transfer. (See Credit Transfer.)

Changing Universities for Stipendium Hungaricum Students

If you are a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder already studying at another university in Hungary, then please send an email to our student coordinators (see Contact), who will inform you about the steps that you need to take in order to transfer to our university. Please note that we can only accept transfer applications for the next academic year until the end of June, because after that, most of the Faculty staff is on holiday. If you would like to transfer during the academic year (so for the second semester), you will only be able to do so if you can transfer credits for most of our first semester subjects, since we do not start a BSc course in February.