To finish your BSc studies at our Faculty, you will also have to do a compulsory internship of 6–8 weeks at a selected company of your choice, of course related to programming, information technology. The optimal time to fulfill this requirement is the summer after you've finished the second year of our course (before your final year).

The necessity of this Internship is regulated by the law of Hungary, specifically the Annex I. of the Government Decree 289/2005. (XII.22.).

Procedure of Administration

There are some documents you will have to take care about in order to get your 'summer work' also accepted by our Faculty:

You should bring the 'Acceptance Statement', and make it accepted also by our Vice-Dean for Education before starting to work. The internship should be 6–8 weeks long, weekly 40 hours; this should be indicated on the papers. (Of course you may work more, but we're not interested in that. See the note about required duration below.) After completing the internship, please bring the 'Letter of Reference'.

The documents should be filled electronically and then printed and validated with the signature and seal of the company.

Always discuss with your course coordinator on how to fill these documents to avoid their rejection by the Office of the Vice-Dean for Education.

Duration of the Internship

For students enrolled before September, 2014 the required duration of the internship is 6 weeks.

For students enrolled in or after September, 2014 the required duration of the internship is 8 weeks.

Companies for Internship

You can find a list of possible companies to organize your Intenship with on the Hungarian homepage of our Faculty, specifically on this page.