Registration of New Students

Dear Students!

As a fresh student of our University, you have to Register personally at our Faculty. You will be informed about the details of this in email.

Important! It is also very important to administer your legal stay in Hungary at the Office of Immigration and Nationality. Please read details on this page.

What do you have to bring?

You can only register with the following documents:

  • The originals of all the documents, and their official English translations (if applicable) which you have sent as your Application Material to enable their personal review and examination.
  • Also further official Hungarian documents, if you have such.
  • A photocopy of all the above documents, to enable us to put them into your personal files.
  • 2 Passport Photos.

You will also have to sign the Adult Education Agreement of our University. And fill the form about Data Management.

Further Information

Frequently asked questions as a new student at our University also include the discussion on the following topics:

Please study the above pages.

The further necessary informations are the same for you as for our older students, so please also check the page: