ELTE Regulations for Students

The ways and means of organizing the courses and measuring students' performance are defined in detail in the Regulations of ELTE, specifically in the Academic Regulations for Students (ELTE Organisational and Operational Regulations – Volume 2).

This is a several hundred pages long document, but we recommend everyone to at least flip through the pages 215-223, where you can find the regulations that are specific to the Faculty of Informatics. Nevertheless, below you can find the most important things to look out for during your studies.

Important Rules of Education

  • Practice courses are mandatory to attend. If you miss more occasions than allowed (which is usually 3), then you will not get a practical mark.
  • Starting from September 2019, lectures are also mandatory to attend. If you miss more occasions than allowed, you cannot take the exam.
  • If you get a „1 (fail)” mark from a practice course, you have one more opportunity in that semester to pass the course by taking a retake exam.
  • After six „1 (fail)” marks from a course, your student status will be ended. This is required by the Hungarian law on higher education, it cannot be overruled by our faculty.
  • You can only register for a course 3 times; if you do not pass it on the third occasion, your student status will be ended. You have the right to hand in a written request to the Vice-Dean for Education asking for a 4th chance. (If you already have six fail grades from the course, the request will be declined.) This request has to be handed in within a week of the end of the exam season to your student coordinator. (See also the page Requests.)
  • At the end of the exam season, make sure that all the grades you received are registered correctly in Neptun. You have one week after the end of the exam season to let us know if a grade is registered incorrectly.
  • You can try 3 times in one semester to pass an exam from a lecture course. If the course is offered in cross-semesters, then you only have two chances.
  • Every student is required to complete at least 30 credits in their first 4 semesters, otherwise we have to end their student status. (Passive semesters do not count in this.) There are also stricter rules in place for Stipendium Hungaricum students about credit numbers; these are dictated by Tempus Public Foundation and not our faculty, please make sure you are aware of them.
  • If you have not completed the prerequisites of a course yet, then you cannot register for that course. The prerequisite-system is in place for a reason and you should take it seriously. You have the right to hand in a prerequisite-weakening request, but it will only be accepted in special cases. The request has to be supported and signed by the responsible teacher of the course AND the relevant department head before you hand it in. Such requests might be accepted if the student is already at an advanced stage of his/her studies, and if there are very good reasons behind it that are explained in detail. These types of requests have to be handed in until the end of the first week of the term season to your student coordinator. (See also the page Requests.)
  • If you do not register for the next semester after two consecutive passive semesters, your student status will be ended.

Please note that there are certain administration fees that you might have to pay during your studies. This includes missing registration and other deadlines, and registering for a course more than once. See THIS DOCUMENT for more details.