ELTE Regulations for Students

The ways and means of organizing the courses and measuring students' performance are defined in detail in the Regulations of ELTE, specifically in the Academic Regulations for Students (ELTE Organisational and Operational Regulations – Volume 2).

Unfortunately this is a several hundred pages long document. We recommend everyone though to at least flip through the pages 215-223, where you can find the regulations that are specific to the Faculty of Informatics. Nevertheless, below you can find the most important things to look out for during your studies.

Important Rules of Education

Your student status is ended, i.e. you will get fired from the University, if

  • you do not pass a Subject in the third semester you are studying it;
  • you fail your sixth exam of a Lecture (you can try at most three times each semester);
  • you do not Register for the next semester after two consecutive passive semesters;
  • you do not complete at least 30 credits in your first four semesters.

So basically: keep studying, and pass your exams.