As a student at our Faculty, you will have to pay attention to some important rules of education, such as the ones you can read about on the Regulations page. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about these rules and to do your best to adhere to them, otherwise your student status might be ended.

It is also important to pay attention to the Curriculum and the prerequisite-system: please make sure that you are familiar with these and that you understand the consequences of failing a subject.

These rules are in place for a reason, and in general, they cannot be overruled. (So please do not ask the coordinators to allow you to break these rules. We cannot do that.) In some cases, you might have the option to hand in a request to the Vice-Dean for Education, who will then decide about your situation.

Please note that you should only hand in a request to the Vice-Dean if you have a very good reason for doing so, such as a serious cause that prevented you from passing a course (a long illness, etc.), which you can prove. If you just failed a course because you simply did not study enough, then that is unfortunately not a good enough reason. Please understand that you have to take responsibility for your actions, and accept the consequences.

You can hand in a request by downloading the following document:

Please fill out your data at the top left part, and then write your request. Make sure to explain in detail what it is that you are requesting, and your reasons for it. Fill out the document electronically, then print it and sign it. You should then take it to your student coordinator, along with any other documents (doctor's note, etc).

If you are handing in a prerequisite-weakening request, then you will have to get it signed by the relevant teacher (it should be the teacher responsible for the course, who is in most cases the lecturer) AND the relevant department head first. If they do not agree with you taking the course without having its prerequisite completed, then there is nothing you can do. Please note that the prerequisite-system is in place for a reason, and some courses are so strongly built on each other that the teachers will not allow you to do this in any case (such as the Analysis courses).

Prerequisite-weakening requests can be handed in until the end of the first week of the term season. 4th subject registration requests have to be handed in within a week of the end of the exam season.