As a student at our Faculty, you will have to pay attention to some important rules of education, such as the ones you can read about on the Regulations page. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about these rules and to do your best to adhere to them, otherwise your student status might be ended.

It is also important to pay attention to the Curriculum and the prerequisite-system: please make sure that you are familiar with these and that you understand the consequences of failing a subject.

These rules are in place for a reason, and in general, they cannot be overruled. If your circumstances are special, you may hand in a request to the Vice-Dean for Education, who will then decide about your situation.

You can hand in a request by downloading the correct form:

Fill out the prerequisite weakening form if this is what you are requesting. Please note that the prerequisite-system is in place for a reason, and some courses are so strongly built on each other that the teachers will not support such a request (such as the Analysis courses). These requests can be handed in until the end of the first week of the term season.

If you failed the exam from a lecture twice in a given examination season, and this course is available in cross-semesters (which means you only have two exam opportunities in one semester), then you might request a 3rd exam by filling out that form.

The transfer form should be filled out by students who transfer to our university from another Hungarian institution.

For any other requests, please fill out the general form. 4th subject registration requests have to be handed in within a week of the end of the exam season.

Once you filled out the form, please hand it in to your student coordinator.