Student ID Card

As a student of our University, you can get a Student ID Card. This card officially proves your student status at every institution in Hungary, and you will be entitled to get many discounts and offers, e.g. cheaper public transportation, travel etc.

Get a Student ID Card!

To get the Student ID Card as a (new) student of our Faculty:

  1. First register personally at the Faculty according to the Registration section. (Your documents will be forwarded to Faculty administration and hopefully they will enroll you to the University system in a few days/weeks. Then go to the next step.)
  2. On the main University homepage read page Student card, and follow the steps detailed on this page. There are several institutions and offices involved in the student card issuing process, most importantly: your local 'Registration Office' and the Quaestura Office of ELTE. The Card is free (starting from 2016).
    First you should get a temporary Student ID, and it will take a few months to receive your permanent Student Card.
  3. After you have received your Student ID Card, go to Quaestura again to get the validation sticker for the present semester.

The temporary Student ID is usually valid for 2 months. If your permanent Student ID does not arrive until then, you have to get a new temporary Student ID at Quaestura.

The Student ID Card is valid for the whole semester.

Good luck with your Student ID application!

Validate your Student ID Card!

Your Student ID Card is valid for the entire semester, but you have to revalidate it in each semester.

More precisely: the card is valid until the next March 31st or October 31st. So please go to the Quaestura office in mid-March or mid-October to revalidate your card. The Quaestura office also usually comes to our Campus (Lágymányos Campus) on a few given days each semester to validate Student ID Cards, you can check their homepage for the exact dates.

Mind also the expiry date presented on your Student ID Card.

If you have any change in your data stated on your Card, go to Quaestura to get a new one…