Tuition Fee

The Tuition Fee is 3000 EUR in each semester of the BSc Course, and 2000 EUR in each semester of the Preliminary Year. The BSc consists of 6 semesters and the Preliminary Year consists of 2 semesters.

In every semester there is a Registration Fee of 60 EUR, and in the first semester of a student there is an additional 80 EUR Application Fee.

All fees should be transferred to the Bank Account of our University until the end of the first month of the semester (September / February).

Paying the full Tuition Fee is necessary to officially give one student status, and to carry on with the studies.

FAQ about Tuition Fee

When should I pay the Tuition Fee?
The preferred time is sometime near the semester start. You can pay after arriving to Hungary. The deadline is the end of the first month of the semester (September / February).

Can I pay earlier?
Yes, you can also do the transfer earlier.

Will the earlier payment help me get visa?
The Embassy of Hungary always examines an applicant's financial status in detail. In some cases the decision does not really depend on whether the payment has been made or not. In other cases the transfer of the full Tuition Fee plus Application and Registration Fee (3140 EUR) is required for the successful visa application. Please consult your responsible Embassy / Consulate.

Can you confirm if the payment was made?
If the Tuition Fee arrives to our bank account (please note that it can take up to a few weeks until we can detect your payment in our system) then we can issue and send a Receipt upon request.

Can I pay in cash?
No. Only bank transfers are accepted.

I did not get visa, but I've paid the Tuition Fee. Can I get my money back?
If you could not join our course we can refund about 85% of the Tuition Fee you have transferred. The exact amount also depends on bank costs and the varying EUR/HUF change rate. (The Application Fee is not refundable.) The entire refunding process usually takes about 6–8 weeks.

Can you offer some scholarship or other possibility to reduce the Tuition Fee?
No, not our University. Perhaps your home country does… Please also check whether your country has some educational agreement with Hungary. E.g. please inform yourself about the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme.