Here you can find the list of all courses you will need to study to earn your Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

If you are in the process of registering for your subjects, then take a look at this document, as here you can see what courses you are supposed to study in a given semester (and what prerequisites they have):

The official curriculum is available as the file:

In this document you can see the list of all courses, course codes, credit values, weekly hours, recommended semesters, prerequisites etc. Even the so-called 'elective courses' are mentioned (9 credits), which you have to also study along with the 'compulsory courses' all listed in detail. This curriculum is called the 'F' curriculum (for Foreign students), officially fixed in 2012, the PTI refers to the Hungarian name of the course "Programtervező informatikus".

The document below shows all your 6 semesters of the BSc with all courses at a glance.

Finally the detailed list of topics for each course can be found in the following document (although it is a bit outdated):