As a student of ELTE, you are entitled to use the libraries of our University. Please visit the homepage of ELTE Libraries. You may find many interesting books, and also books for aiding your studies, to help to understand the Lectures. (Your teachers would give you hints on needed or advised books.)

Specifically the Library of the Faculty of Informatics is located in the South Building, on the 1st floor, in the north-west corner of the building. (Approach it by trying to go to the West Gate on the first floor, then turn right and go all the way through the Library of the Faculty of Sciences, turn right again…)

(Since usually we only have a few copies of books, please only take the books from the Library if it is really necessary, rather study them there, to let them be available also for other students.)

Library Registration

To register at the Library of Faculty of Informatics, you need to go there personally and bring the following documents:

  • an ID card (Personal ID or Passport) for identification,
  • and any official document with your (temporary) address in Hungary (Address card, Residence permit).

You would have to prove your active student status for the current semester: but the Library will be informed about the list of active students in the start of the semester.

First time you will have to fill an information card with your data, and you would have to renew your registration in each semester.

Library Computers

After registration at the Library, you can also use the computers located at the Library. You can log in with your INF account (see Accounts page).