Elective Courses

Besides completing all the compulsory courses of the curriculum, you will also have to complete some elective courses. If you are on the "old" curriculum, you have to complete at least 9 credits from electives during your studies; if you are on the "new" curriculum, you have to complete at least 10 credits.

The Faculty of Informatics organizes several courses for this purpose, the list of these can vary semester after semester. Please check the Timetable page in the registration period to see which courses are available for the current semester.

You can also choose to complete courses from other faculties, such as language courses, sports courses, or anything else that catches your attention. However, as a BSc student, you should NOT register for Computer Science MSc courses (if you do, you might find later that you were dropped from the course).

Please note that we cannot give you information about courses from other faculties. If you choose to take a course that belongs to another faculty (e.g. you found a course by searching in Neptun that sounds interesting to you), then you will have to find information about it yourself. (Use Google, send an email to the teacher of the course, ...) Bear in mind that other faculties might have rules that you are not aware of, or you shouldn't even register for the course that you found for some reason - so in any case, I advise you to contact the relevant teacher or department, and ask them if they would be okay with you joining the course.