Thesis Work

The Thesis Work is required to finish the BSc course.

The Thesis Work of the Computer Science BSc course should be a slightly bigger software project, a program with a graphical user interface with about altogether 2000–3000 lines of code, and its documentation in about 30–40 pages.

Topic of the Thesis

First, you should think about the topic that you would like to work on (or at least a general area of interest), and then find a supervisor among the teachers of the Faculty. This is to be done in your 5th semester (i.e. one semester before your last), but of course you can start thinking about it earlier.

You have to officially declare the topic of your thesis. The Thesis Topic Declaration request should be handed in electronically through Neptun until December 1st or June 1st (at least 6 months before the Final Exam). This declaration will contain the brief description of your thesis topic. You should always discuss this beforehand with your supervisor, and only hand in your request once everything is discussed and agreed upon with them.

If you miss the deadline, you have two more weeks to hand in your request, but you will have to pay a fee in this case.

Once you hand in your request, you have some time (about two months) to change your topic. If you wish to do so, please ask your student coordinator about the exact deadline and procedure. You will probably need to fill out this form.

You can find some sample Thesis Works (even in English) in our Faculty's library. Actually all theses written at our Faculty can be found there.

Handing in the Thesis

The full and completed Thesis Work, both software and printed documentation should be handed in until May 15th or December 15th (about a month before the Final Exam). Please note that students who started their studies in or after September 2015 are also required to hand in a consultation form together with their thesis, to prove that they were regularly consulting with their supervisor and got to the point where their work is 60-70% finished. (So you should hand this paper in even if you do not end up completely finishing your thesis and have to postpone your final exam until the next semester.) This is required for you to get the credits for the thesis work. Please talk to your supervisor about the specifics of filling out this form.

Be sure to follow the guidelines fixed in the document about the BSc Thesis Work.

Also, please study this empty thesis sample. (Note that your Thesis Topic Declaration should be the second page of your thesis; you can print it out from Neptun.)

Further documents to be handed in:

Your thesis work will be judged according to the Assessment Criteria.