Starting the Academic Semester

Before the start of every semester, you need to enroll and register for your subjects. Please visit the following page to be informed about the deadlines:

Below you can find some further information and help regarding enrollment and subject registration.

Enrolling for the Semester

You can register as active for the semester in Neptun according to this description.

Subject Registration

  • Preliminary and first-semester BSc students are assigned into fixed groups. Second-semester BSc students are assigned into fixed groups if they completed at least one prerequisite course in the first semester. Otherwise, you have to register for your subjects in the Neptun system on your own, according to this description.
  • Preregistration: Please register during this period, so that the departments can prepare with the appropriate number of groups. You will get extra points for preregistration, so you will be able to get in to classes more easily. It does not matter which group you register for, you will be able to change it later.
  • Ranking registration period: During this, students are ranked by Neptun based on an algorithm. To see how ranking works, visit this page. During this period, you may be dropped out of courses by other students. If a subject has multiple groups available, you should register for the group that you would like to attend based on the Timetable information.
  • First-come, first-served registration: In this period you are only able to register for the remaining free spaces. Those who already got in a class, cannot be dropped out anymore. If you want to drop a course, this is the final deadline until you can do so.
  • If a subject consists of a practice and a lecture, make sure to always register for the practice first! Practices are weak prerequisites of their lectures, so if you register the other way, the system will drop you from the course.
  • Pay attention to the course code! Make sure you register for courses with the correct code for your curriculum.
  • If you have problems with subject registration, please try different search parameters, such as searching between all subjects and not just your curriculum, or changing the language option to "all", etc. If you cannot find a subject, try searching for it specifically by entering the course code. If you get an error message, try again later.
  • Sometimes the language of a course is set to "Hungarian" by mistake. Do not worry about this, if the course code and name is right, it will not be a Hungarian course.
  • Please be very careful with your subject registration and check Neptun regularly, to make sure that everything is in order. It is your responsibility to do so, and we cannot fix your mistakes later on.

Tuition Fee

Don't forget to pay the Tuition Fee to the Bank Account of our University (if relevant). Please pay the full amount until the end of the first month of the semester.