Starting the Academic Semester

2017/2018 Spring

Dear Students!

Please consider the following information on starting the next semester.

Registering for the semester

Do you want to study in this semester (active status) or skip this semester (passive status)? You have to register your choice in the Neptun system according to this description. The deadline for this is February 11th.

Subject Registration

  • You have to register for your subjects in the Neptun system on your own, according to this description. Please check the Curriculum page to find out what subjects you should register for.
  • Early registration is between December 17th, 17:00 - January 26th, 16:00. We recommend everyone to register during this period, as you will get extra points and will be able to get in to classes more easily. It does not matter which group you register for (in case of practices where there are multiple groups), you will be able to change it later.
  • The main registration period is between February 2nd, 20:00 - February 8th, 17:00, during which students registered for a given subject are ranked by Neptun based on an automatic algorithm. It is mostly random, but some factors - such as early registration, or taking a subject in its recommended semester, etc. - will get you more points. Don't worry about it, just register for the subjects you want to, and make sure to check the system regularly, because during this period, you may be dropped out of courses! If a subject has multiple groups available, you should register for the group that you would like to attend based on the Timetable information.
  • There is still a chance to register between February 9th, 8:00 - February 16th, 16:00. In this period however, you are only able to register for whatever free spaces are left available. Those who already got in a class, cannot be dropped out anymore. If you want to drop a course, this is the final deadline until you can do so.
  • If a subject consists of a practice and a lecture, make sure to always register for the practice first! Practices are weak prerequisites of their lectures, so if you register the other way, the system will drop you from the course. Bear in mind that there is a separate lecture and practice part in Neptun for combined courses as well, and you have to register for both.
  • Sometimes the language of a course is set to "Hungarian" by mistake. Do not worry about this, if the course code and name is right, it will not be a Hungarian course. English language Computer Science BSc course codes begin with "IP-12F" (you can use this to search for them as well).
  • Please be very careful with your subject registration and check Neptun regularly, to make sure that everything is in order.

Tuition Fee

Don't forget to pay the Tuition Fee to the Bank Account of our University (if relevant). Please pay the full amount until the end of the first month of the semester. Mind that we can only issue your School Certificate after the receipt of the total fee.